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Do you have a great story to share about your Chosen Family?


The Chosen Family Project™ mission is to advocate for, protect and advance the health, safety, and well-being of LGBTQ+ Chosen families – families that are not defined by gender, ethnicity, sexuality, parental status, or the partners they love, but the people they’ve chosen to walk with through life’s journey. We celebrate, protect, and give voice to the diverse, loving, and joyful people we in the LGBTQ+ community call “family.”


In the face of today’s anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, we aim to memorialize our history, while other forces are trying to erase it.

We want to hear from you, whether it’s a short story about your Chosen Family, or a few lines about what “family” means to you.

If your story is selected for publication on our website or our upcoming book, you will have an opportunity to work with our editors and photographers to bring your story to life. The primary focus of this project is on the Chosen Family you have created since coming out.  Your story will not be published online or in our book without your written permission once we are through with the editing process.


Please consider these questions within the story you submit:
Introduce yourself and your Chosen Family. How, specifically, does your Chosen Family give you a sense of belonging, warmth, and recognition of who you are?
Do you have a favorite tradition for a family celebration? Explain its significance.

Please keep your story to 300 – 1200 words. If you are more comfortable recording your story than writing it, we are happy to accept audio files. We also welcome photos of your Chosen Family that you would like to share. Want to send a photo without a story – that also works!

We welcome anonymous stories if you prefer not to share your identity. 


Thank you!  We can’t wait to read your story!  Deadline July 31, 2024



For questions: Please email

With gratitude,
The Chosen Family Project

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Thanks for submitting!

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