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Creep of the Week: Florida

Things are heating up in Florida, and I’m not just talking about the weather. The state is gearing up for one hell of a Hot Fascist Summer.

Record number of anti-LGBTQ bills have been introduced this year

At least 417 anti-LGBTQ bills have been introduced in state legislatures across the United States since the start of the year.

Amid anti-LGBTQ efforts, transgender community finds joy in 'chosen families'

The LGBTQ community is at a heightened risk of mental health conditions.

Chosen Family Project seeks stories from LGBTQ+ community for forthcoming book
To help meet its mission, the Palm Springs-based nonprofit is embarking on a fundraising campaign to publish a large-format book that will memorialize the history of LGBTQ+ families with stories and photographs that illustrate how these “chosen families” found one another.

Equity Texas: Legislative Bill Tracker

All 30+ anti-LGBTQ+ bills filed this session were officially dead, including 13 direct attacks on transgender youth. It’s been a long, hard road to get here and we absolutely could not have done it without you, our partner organizations or our LGBTQ+ champions in the Texas House.

Yes, We’re in an L.G.B.T.Q. State of Emergency

This year, there is a pall over Pride.

Military’s LGBTQ community is ‘under attack,’ top officials say

One general said some state laws passed this year are “dangerous for service members.”

Pride Planners: How We’ll Celebrate Despite Anti-Drag, Anti-LGBTQ Laws

In America’s ever-more-polarized political environment, annual celebrations of diversity are as fraught as ever. Here’s what’s happening with festivals big and small in states inundated with anti-LGBTQ legislation.

Uganda's anti-LGBTQ law, one of the harshest in the world, explained

The Anti-Homosexuality Act was signed into law on Monday by President Yoweri Museveni, despite condemnation from Western leaders and rights activists.

A Dangerous America

GLAAD, the world’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) media
advocacy organization, today announced the findings of its ninth annual Accelerating Acceptance study.

Texas Senate again advances proposed restrictions on lessons about gender identity and sexual orientation

For the third time, the Senate is pushing a proposal critics say will ignore the existence of LGBTQ people in every grade level. Two other bills that contained similar language missed key legislative deadlines.

Are you a doctor who hates treating gay people? Come to Florida, where Ron DeSantis has legalised bigotry

The sunshine state’s healthcare professionals will soon be able to deny treatment on religious or moral grounds. Thanks a bunch, governor

Ron DeSantis signs law giving doctors ‘right to discriminate’ against LGBTQ+ patients

Florida governor Ron DeSantis has signed a new vile law which would put LGBTQ+ patients at risk, as doctors could choose not to treat them by citing religious or moral objections. 

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