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Social Justice Campaign

Screenings of the film, the book tour, and a series of podcasts will take us even deeper behind the scenes as we hear from the founders, photographers and celebrity guests who have their own stories of Chosen Family. A multi-city art exhibit will feature photographs of Chosen Families gathered in celebration to serve the same mission: To educate, bring awareness, build community, and provide information about resources.

Today’s assault of legislation, shame, and stigmatization confronts the LGBTQ+ community in a political climate that threatens to erase their rights and families. There are governmental and political forces trying to falsify history. We believe the history of the LGBTQ+ community deserves to be memorialized, and each of us can play a part.

The Film

In partnership with an award-winning documentarian, we will cross a divided America to capture heartfelt images of Chosen Families and the traditions that bind them. The journey is brought to life by the heartening stories learned along the way about how these loving families found one another to form their universal and fierce bonds of love, joy, and loyalty. 

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