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Our Mission

Everyone deserves to live in the embrace of a loving family. 

The Chosen Family Project™️ explores the diverse and vibrant Chosen Families of the LGBTQ+ community. Through books, photographs, film, and social action campaigns, we will revere, honor, and celebrate what it means to be a family.

The Chosen Family Project™️ is a call to action! To counter the onslaught of legislation and discrimination that threatens LGBTQ+ families.


Our foundation supports organizations that improve the quality of life for the many disenfranchised individuals who no longer have a relationship with their biological families.

Through heartbreaking and inspiring personal stories, we will learn how members of the LGBTQ+ community found their Chosen Families, what makes their family special, and the beloved traditions they celebrate, both old and new.   The book will feature stunning, thought-provoking artwork representing Chosen Family traditions throughout the country – all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. 

Following the film and book's releases, our social justice campaign will kick off.  Screenings of the film, the book tour, and a series of podcasts will take us even deeper behind the scenes as we hear from the founders, photographers and celebrity guests who have their own stories of Chosen Family.  A multi-city art exhibit will feature photographs of Chosen Families gathered in celebration to serve the same mission: To educate, bring awareness, build community, and provide information about resources.

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